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We Would be Lost Without Our Volunteers

We just couldn't do it without our volunteers.


Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers and members. Their enthusiasm, efforts, and passion are essential to enhancing our programs, managing our collections, and providing our visitors with a great historical Norwegian experience.

Our volunteers participate in the baking days that lead up to our Annual Craft and Bake Sale, they create the handcrafted items sold in our Butikk, they lend their time to educational programs, they plan large events and carry them, they clean, they maintain the building, they plan the public programming each year. It is their strong and willing hands that hold up the Laft Hus.

lefse, lefse making, Norwegian Laft Hus
lefse, lefse making, Norwegan Laft Hus
Norwegia Laft Hus

Looking for a Unique Volunteer Opportunity?

The Norwegian Laft Hus can of course always use more volunteers. If you would like to get involved with the Norwegian Laft Hus as a volunteer please contact us! Volunteers can contribute to the Laft Hus in many capacities. Volunteers may be involved in many areas such as:

  • Festival volunteers: set up/take down, cooking food, running games or crafts, orienting guests

  • Baking days: to prepare for our Craft and Bake sale volunteers are a part of work bees, primarily to make lefse

  • Programming: volunteers help to implement education programming that is offered outside of our public programming offerings

  • Maintenance: including cleaning, gardening, and caring for our log walls and sod roof

  • Interpretation and Museum Shop: when we don't have summer students it is our volunteers that interact with guests

  • Collections: as a museum it is important to maintain our artifact databases, and to care for the artifacts

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer in another capacity please contact us to discuss!

In Other words, Tusen Takk.

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