Our Butikk, or Museum Shop, offers a wide range of items available for purchase so that you can take a little piece of the Laft Hus, and Norway, home with you. Please note that the photos on this page are an example of what we may carry at any given time, so if you are looking for something specific from our Butikk we encourage you to come to the Laft Hus to browse our selection, or to contact us via e-mail or phone with any inquiries about the items we carry.

 We often have:

  • T-shirts

  • Mugs

  • Baking tools

  • Food and candy

  • Items made by the ladies of the Laft Hus including rosemaling, hardanger embroidery, nordic knits, and more

  • Small souvenirs such as magnets, keychains, stickers, and more!

  • Embroidery supplies

  • Christmas decorations

  • Plus so much more!

Click on the images to view the prices
Some Items For Sale
5 in a Row Game $50
Comes with bag of cards, poker chips and directions
Playing Card Holder  $15
Velkommen Sign With a Bird $10
Gjetost Cheese $20
Birthday Wrapping Paper  $5
Birthday napkins
Child Aprons $15
Adult Aprons $20
Baby Onesie  half price 
Striped 18-24 months 15$ 
19-26 lbs Pink or Blue $12
Child Bunad $50
Aprons $25

Assortment of Napkins

Small $5.00

Large $6.50

Swedish Dish Cloth  $8
Various Designs
Rectangle Magnets $5
Viking Rectangle Magnets $5
Round Magnets $2
Viking Mouse Pads $15
Uff Da 16oz Glass $8
Uff Da Coasters $4
Uff Da Hand Towel $5
Uff Da Apron 25$
Uff Da Shot Glasses Clear $6.50
Uff Da Shot Glasses Black $13
Uff Da Deck of Playing Cards $8 
Uff Da Mouse Pad $15
Uff Da Mug $15
Uff Da Pin $25
Uff Da Hot Plate $12
Uff Da Magnet $8
Troll assortment 
Troll Covering mouth $60
Troll With Flower $50
Viking Troll $60
Troll With Guitar $75
Christmas Napkins $5
Nisse Bowl set of 2 $30
Nisse Glass Ornament $4
Standing Nisse $5
Girl Riding Yule Goat Ornament $7
Nisse Ornament (in bag) $6
Christmas Nisse Napkin Holder $15
Christmas Rectangle Magnets $5
Viking Ship Ornament 10$
Viking World Tour Deck of Playing Cards $8
Viking World Tour Ceramic Tile $12
Viking Ship Shot Glass $6.50
Viking Ship and World Tour 16 oz Glasses $8
Coasters $4
Rectangle Magnets $5
Flexible Round Magnet $5
Viking World Tour Apron $25
Baseball cap $15
Viking Ship Pin $25
Flag Garland $4
Flag toothpicks $3
Flexible Magnet Norwegian Flag $5
Decals Denmark and Sweden $4
Norway Deck of Playing Cards $8
Norway Sticker $4
Canada and Norway Flag Pin $4
Sweden and Denmark Stickers $4
May 17th and God Jul Coasters $8
Troll and Moose Crossing Stickers $5
Denmark Flag Sticker $2
Norway Long Sticker $3
Norway Flag Luggage Tag $8
Norwegian and Canadian Flags with stand $4
Small Flag (Canadian and Norwegian) $2 each
Medium Flag $6
Large Flag $8
Norwegian Flag (3'x5') $50
Troll Stickers $4
Troll, Viking and Shield Tattoos $4
Coasters $4
Donut Cutter $5 each 
God Jul wall hanging $15
Assortment of pictures 
Iron on Patch $4
Round Patch $5
Waffle Iron $95
Norwegian Round Tuits $5
Plastic Placemats $6
Assortment of Nisse and
Rosemaling Placemats
Thorfinn The Nicest Viking Books $13

Tove Jansson Books $11

Pippa and Pelle Books $12
Authentic Norwegian Cooking Cookbook $30
Mittens From Around Norway $30
Knitting For Kids $16
Rosemaled Bandanas $15
Viking gods Mug $15
May the Norse Be With You Mug $15
Viking Spear Man Mug $15
Viking World Tour Mug $15
Viking Ship Mug $15
Shield Maiden Mug $15
Viking War Band Mug $15
Viking Head Mug $15
Ol' Viking Mug $15
Keep Calm and Be Viking Mug $15
101% Viking Mug $15
Viking Heads Mug $15
Red Viking Ship Mug $15
Pray For Me I'm Married To
a Norwegian Mug $15
Red and Blue Rosemaling Mug $15
Blue Rosemaling Mug $15
Red Sweater Design Mug $15
Uff Da Defintion Mug $15
I'm Not Stubborn I'm Norwegian Mug $15
Norwegian Flag Mug $15
Nisse and Sled Mug $15
Nisse and Christmas Tree Mug $15
Nisse and Christmas Scene Mug $15
Nisse and Snowy Tree Mug $15
Nisse Mug $15
God Jul and Nisse Mug $15
Nisse and Farm Scene Mug $15
Nisse and Moose Mug $15
Nisse With a Horse and Cat Mug $15
Nisse With Presents Mug $15
Nisse and Porridge Mug $15
Nisse and Shooting Stars Mug $15
Uff Da Mug $15 
Embroidered Tea Towels $7.50
I Get My Attitude From The Norwegian Women I Am Related To T-Shirt (S, M, XL, 2XL, 3XL) $20
Flag napkins $8
May The Norse Be With T-Shirt (L, S) $20
Nisse Napkins $6.50
Uff Da T-Shirt (S, M, XL, 2XL, 3XL) $20
Norwegian naplins $6.50
Have No Fear The Norwegian Is Here T-Shirt (S, M) $20
Viking World Tour T-Shirt (M, L, XL) $20
I Can't Keep Calm I'm A Viking T-Shirt (M, L) $20
Embroidered Black T-Shirt (L, XL) $20
Embroidered Blue Hearts T-Shirt (M, L, XL) $20
Viking for Hire T-Shirt (S) $20
Embroidred T-Shirt (M, L, XL) $20
Viking World Tour Zip Up Hoodie (L, XL) $20
NEW Marius t-shirt $30
Nisse Fence Sitter $25
Velkommen Nisse $25
Costumed Norwegian Dolls $35
NEW Slipper Socks  $20
Signs with English and Norwegian sayings $10
Rosemaled Tissue Box $30
Rosemaled Boards $25
Rosemaled Board $20
Norwegian Barometer $10
Rosemaled Coasters $7.50
Bad Plaque $10
Rosemaled Flower Press $15
Rosemaled  Mail Box $30
God Jul Plaque $30
Rosemaled Match Box $15
Rosemaled Jar Opener $10
Rosemaled Two-Tiered
Tray $50
Rosemaled Platter $150
Snap Bag $10
Rosemaled Hanging Plaque $40
Hardanger Rectangle $45
Klokkestreng various sizes
Christmas Tree Napkins
Set of 4 $12
Hardanger Hexagon $25
Rosemaling book  $45
Fleece couch blanket $35
Red or Navy Blue
Rosemaling coloring  $15
Socks $15
Cat shopping bag  $15
Comes in pouch
Dish cloths various designs $8
Air freshener $6
Pins $8