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Our Butikk, or Museum Shop, offers a wide range of items available for purchase so that you can take a little piece of the Laft Hus, and Norway, home with you. Please note that the photos on this page are an example of what we may carry at any given time, so if you are looking for something specific from our Butikk we encourage you to come to the Laft Hus to browse our selection, or to contact us via e-mail or phone with any inquiries about the items we carry.

Krumkake iron $95
Krumkake Cone Roller $15
Items For Sale
Some items may not be available 
Lefse grill $225
Krumkake Cone Roller with Nisse Wood Burning $20
Square cut lefse rolling pin $45
Potato ricer $45
Lefse stick $10
Pastry board with cloth $45
Aebelskiver Pan $40
Waffle Iron $95
Almond Cake Pan $15
Almond Cake Tray $8
Rosette & Timbale Set $35
Spreader $5
Lefse is Beautiful Recipe Holder $10
Lefse is Beautiful Apron $35
Lesfse is Beautiful Hot Pads $15
Pastry Cloth $25
91 Ways to Serve Lefse $15
Gjetost Cheese $15
Mini Saucinator Whisk $15
All Mugs $15
Viking with Snake Mug
Cartoon Viking Mug
All Mugs $15
Various Painting Inspired Mugs
The Few, The Proud, The Vikings Mug
Norsk of Course Mug

Norwegian Power Mug
Kiss Me, I'm Norwegian Mug
Kiss the Cook Mug

Married to a Norwegian Mug
Norwegian Wife Mug
Norwegian and Still Lead Normal Lives Mug
Mormor (maternal grandmother) Mug
Can't Live with Norwegians Mug
I Love Norway Mug
Thank God I'm Norwegian Mug
Norway with Norwegian Scenery Mug
Nisse Snow Scene Mug
Glædelig Jul (Merry Christmas) Mug
Santa Lucia Mug
God Jul (Good Christmas) Mug

Barn Snow Scene Mug
Aprons $25
Viking Ship napkin holder $20
Donut Cutter $5 each 
Coasters $4
Dish cloths various designs $10
Pins $8
Trivet's with various phrases $20
Drinking napkins $6.50
Birthday napkins
Lots of "Uff Da!" items of various prices
Sweden and Denmark Stickers $4
May 17th and God Jul Coasters $8
Troll and Moose Crossing Stickers $5
Denmark Flag Sticker $2
Norway Long Sticker $3
Norway Flag Luggage Tag $8
Flag Garland $4
Flag toothpicks $3
Flexible Magnet Norwegian Flag $5
Decals Denmark and Sweden $4
Norway Deck of Playing Cards $8
Norway Sticker $4
Canada and Norway Flag Pin $4
Troll Stickers $4
Troll, Viking and Shield Tattoos $4
Various sizes of flags
Metal License Plates $12
Iron on Patch $4
Round Patch $5
Round Magnets $3
Rectangle Magnets $7
Pippa and Pelle Books $12
Authentic Norwegian Cooking Cookbook $30
Mittens From Around Norway $30
Knitting For Kids $16
Viking Necklaces (assorted designs) $40
Wrapping Paper  $5
The Winners $30
Heimskringla $50
Paper Doll Book $20
Thorfinn The Nicest Viking Books $13
Crocheted Nisse $15
Nisse Couple $15
Victory or Vahalla T-Shirt  (XL) $25
Clay Nisse $2
Climbing Nisse $25
Straw Nisse $6
Straw cone Nisse $6
Nisse Drawstring Bag $20
Nisse with grey beard $10 
Troll with Norwegian Flag Heart $65
Troll on Motorcycle $65
Troll with Shield $65
Girl Troll with Mirror $45
Troll with Axe $65
Troll with Cake $50
Norwegian Sweater Troll $95
Thumbs up Troll $95
Fiddle Playing Troll $80
IMG-7498 (2).jpg
Kissing Trolls $80
Rosemaling book  $45
Various Viking Leather Bracelets $20
Viking Rings Size 12 $20
Norway Ship Ball Caps $20
Air freshener $6
Viking Rectangle Magnets $7
Norse Myth Colouring book $20
Rosemaling coloring  $15
Bestemor (Grandmother) T-Shirts (S, M, XL) $25
Mormor (maternal grandmther) T-Shirts  M, L, XL) $25
IMG-8928 (1)_edited.jpg
Bestemor (Grandmother) Tote bags with numerous pockets $40
Norwegian Forever T-Shirt.jpg
Lefse T-Shirt.jpg
Lefse It's How I Roll    T-Shirt $25
Viking T-Shirts_edited.jpg
Viking Brewing $30
Vike $20
IMG-8924 (1)_edited.jpg
Viking ship Hoodie (L) $60
Norwegian Flag Jacket (L) $75
Sherpa lined hoodie vest blue
2XL $70
Sherpa lined hoodie vest red
Yellow Shirt with Dala Horse (S) $20
Blue Longsleeve shirt Dala Horse (L) $20
Pink Shirt with Dala Horses (S) $20
Bestemor (L) $20
 Norwegian Forever       T-Shirt $25
snapback photo to be deleted.JPG
Snap Bag $15
Norwegian Style Red and White Toques $20
Costumed doll.jpg
Costumed Norwegian Dolls $35
Baby Blankets - Assorted designs $16
Rosemaled Boards $25
Bad Plaque $10
Rosemaled Covered Bowl $65
Hardanger Fabric and Thread
Various prices
Rosemaled Tray $40
Rosemaled Towel Holder $10
Playing Card Holder  $15
Rosemaled Stick Game and Box $35
Rosemaled Jar Opener $10
Norwegian Round Tuits $5
Rosemaled Bench $125
5 in a Row Game $50
Comes with bag of cards, poker chips and directions
Horse Race Game.jpg
Horse Race Game $50
Comes with playing pieces
Butikk Rosemaling_edited.jpg
Rosemaling for Sale
Various prices
Bibs $7
Size 3/4 Kid's Dress and Pinafore $150
Hardanger Reversible Dickie $40
Hardanger Rectangle $45
Hardanger Hexagon $25
IMG_1254 (1).JPG
Nordic Socks (available in Ladies as well) $17
Made in America with Norwegian Parts T-Shirt (Toddler, Youth sizes) $16
Got Lefse? T-Shirt (Toddler, Youth sizes) $16
various sizes
Nordic Socks in Kids' Sizes $15
Viking Face T-Shirt
Viking Blood T-Shirt
May the Norse Be With You T-Shirt
Norwegian Lion T-Shirt
Marius t-shirt $30
Norwegian Flag Toque $20
Rosemaled Stool $75
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