Annual Craft and Bake Sale



Sat. Nov. 26th 9am - 4pm
Sun. Nov. 27th 12pm - 4pm

We know you wait for it all year!

This is one of our largest fundraisers, and from the bottom of every member of the Norwegian Laft Hus Society's heart, we thank everyone that attends this event.


Get your Christmas shopping done at the Laft Hus! There is always lots of lefse, cookies, lovely handmade rosemaled items, baking supplies, embroidery, books, coffee mugs, a small selection of items from Norway, and more available for you to take home!

Don't forget that if you need something special any other time of the year that we have a Butikk full of giftware and handmade items.

If you would like to reserve lefse, email us at with how many packages you would like (each package has 5 rounds of lefse) and the time you will pick them up on November 26 or 27. 
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