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Educational Programs

The Norwegian Laft Hus strives to provide meaningful (and fun!) educational opportunities for our community. We love to work together with local groups to meet their educational needs and have provided many types of programming to help a group meet said needs. In the past we have provided programs for school groups, home school groups field trips, extracurricular children's groups like Brownies, and Canadian new comers. We would love to work with new groups and welcome groups of any age to come and learn with us!

Our educational programming can take many shapes and can address many topics. Please inquire if you have something specific in mind, but we can accommodate programs involving:

  • learning a traditional craft such as rosemaling or heart shaped basket weaving

  • crafts and games for younger kids that are based on folklore

  • object based learning

  • topics can focus on: folklore, crafts, settler history, sagas, Norwegian history

If you are interested in taking part in an Educational Program hosted by the Laft Hus please contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.

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