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**Registration and payment is due in advance.  If you can’t stop by with payment, you can phone us at 403-347-2055** with your credit card information

Are you looking for a class but don't see it posted? Contact the Laft Hus! We always appreciate feedback that helps us to better serve our community.

Join us every Wednesday throughout the year to work on painting, embroidery, and other crafts in order to prepare for our annual Craft and Bake Sale!


 We will be offering some outdoor classes in Heritage Square a Saturday in July and a Saturday in August.  Check Facebook and our website.
The Norwegian Laft Hus Society

Would like to introduce you to our Nisse named Sven. You can visit him at the museum located at Heritage Square 4402-47 Avenue, Red Deer or visit us at                      

The Nisse is a make-believe character from Norwegian stories. He is a friendly gnome who likes to be around farms and animals. He is also around a lot during the Christmas season.


Our activities for you on this day of the Children’s Festival include a coloring page, a story and a craft where you can make your own Nisse. Enjoy! 


Once upon a time, there was a Nisse named   Snippen. He lived on a farm but was not happy so he was looking at moving to another farm. A little girl lived on the farm and her mother got sick. She was worried that she couldn’t help her little brother and make porridge like her mother did and her brother would be hungry. Snippen felt sorry for the little girl so he decided to stay on the farm and help her. He liked porridge too!

Viking Day Summer Camp
August 3rd to 6th $150
9am to 4pm

Saturday's at the Laft Hus
July 24th & August 14th
12pm to 4pm
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Games & Stories Day
August 14, 2021
12:00pm to 4pm