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Norwegian Laft Hus Society and Museum

4402-47 Ave. 

Red Deer, Alberta

(403) 347-2055


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The Norwegian Laft Hus is proud to begin offering venue rentals to the public. We are currently in the process of considering and creating a Rental Policy, but encourage any interested groups to contact the Laft Hus via phone or e-mail with their rental inquiries in the mean time.

The Laft Hus is a 28x24 foot space with one bathroom and kitchen facilities. Our space would be perfect for small groups to hold meetings, get-togethers, or small parties. If you are looking for a unique and charming space for your next event consider the Laft Hus.

The Norwegian Laft Hus is located in a beautiful park surrounded by other historic buildings and treed areas that can create the perfect backdrop for any event. That being said: Please be advised that use of the park for an event is mandated by the City of Red Deer, and you can find more information about that here


Heritage Square is a beautiful and unique place to take memorable photos in! The historic buildings, gas streetlights, wooden boardwalk, and lush foliage provide beautiful backdrops that we have seen many wedding parties and graduates take advantage of.

Don't forget to come and visit us if you are taking photos in the park! We encourage those that do use the Laft Hus in their photos to make a donation to our Society and Museum.

Please contact the Laft Hus if you wish to use the interior of the building for photos.

Be advised that use of the park, and the other buildings in Heritage Square is mandated by The City of Red Deer and to please make any necessary arrangements or inquiries with the city before using them in photography.