The Norwegian Laft Hus Society was founded in the late 1970's, and, since then, has functioned as a group where people dedicated to learning about Norwegian culture can share their new-found and evergrowing knowledge with the public.

The Norwegian Laft Hus Museum was initially built for what was to be an international village, located in the outskirts of the City of Red Deer. In the meantime, however, we were allowed to retain a temporary position on city land in Heritage Square, with the purpose of attracting more people to downtown Red Deer.



The Norweigan Laft Hus Museum is a valuable historical, cultural, and educational institution, and, since its opening, has become widely recognized as one of Western Canada's most unique interpretive centers.

It was created as a center for the preservation, interpretation, and study of material relating to life and culture of Norwegian-Canadians. As such, it instills in Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds an awareness of the great diversity in their cultural heritage and enables Norwegian-Canadians to see, understand, and appreciate their place in the mosaic of Canadian culture.


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